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The all new Apaji Jon 410 X

Safe and stable.

Thanks to its flat shape, the Apaji JON 410 X is exceptionally stable in multiple usages such as fishing or hunting.

Apaji 410 Jon is designed to be rowed or moved around with a small engine or an electric engine.

The thick 3 mm aluminum and the welded hull offer the best possible durability and safety

without compromising the user experience.

The unsinkable Apaji JON 410 X is a safe and effortless boat also in the hands of a less experienced boat handler.

In addition to a boat trailer, the Apaji JON 410 X is also easy to move on a regular trailer.

Standard accessories:

  • Seat covers

  • Taping

  • Rowlocks

APAJI 410 Jon

Recommended retail price (without an engine): 2.590,00 €*



  • Length: 409 cm

  • Width: 127 cm

  • Weight: 120 kg

  • Engine: Max 10 hp

  • Persons: 3

  • Load capacity: 283 kg

  • Hull: welded, 3 mm aluminum

  • Top speed: 15 kts (with two persons)

  • Engine rig length: Long

  • CE: CE/D

*The speeds shown are indicative and reached under test conditions. The prices shown are recommended retail prices and include VAT 24 %. Apaji Boats Ltd reserves the right to change the pricing and product information. The pricing is valid from 01.01.2020.

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