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Apaji Boats 540 Pro & Classic

Due to the width of the boat, the 540 models have amazingly spacious interiors. The extremely strong hull structure combined with the 19-degree bottom angle ensure safe and comfortable driving even in rougher conditions.

Both 540 Pro and 540 Classic have the same hull structure.


The interior solutions differ from each other so that the Pro models feature wide casting decks in both front and rear of the boat, a 9''/285 cm rod box and livewell. Each feature of the Pro model is also available as an option to the Classic model.






APAJI 540 Pro

Recommended retail price (without an engine): starting at 26.490,00 €*

Apaji 540 Pro - the dream of an angler. The width of the boat, the design of the bottom and the spray-rail-free design combined with the soft feel created by the polyurethane floats guarantee exceptional stability

and an unbelievably comfortable user experience.

Each detail of the 540 Pro is designed from an angler’s point of view. The large 9’’/285 cm rod boxes, the 110 cm x 40 cm livewell and the wide casting decks provide functionality regardless of the situation. 

The Apaji 540 -models meet the needs of troll fishing as well. The deep bottom angle and long keel line make the boat extremely steady. Furthermore, the solid rails on the consoles replace targa boards by enabling direct fastening for rod holders and teaser reels without compromising the ease of moving around.


APAJI 540 Classic

Recommended retail price (without an engine): sarting at 23.990,00 €*

The enormous interior space, precise and comfortable driving performance and the stability make Apaji 540 Classic

a boat that serves perfectly as a boat for leisure use as well as a boat for driving in tougher conditions.


Apaji 540 Specs:

  • Length: 540 cm

  • Width: 246 cm

  • Weight: 880 kg (Pro)

  • Engine range: 130-150 hp

  • Persons: 6

  • Max speed with two persons onboard: 42 kts*

  • Bottom angle: 19-degrees

  • CE-certificate: CE/C

  • Self-draining hull structure: Yes

  • Unsinkable hull structure: Yes

  • Spray rails: No

  • Bottom aluminum: 4 mm

  • Side aluminum: 3 mm

  • Console: Polyethene

  • Floats: Polyurethane

  • Fuel tank: 108 l

  • Livewell: Kyllä (Pro)

  • Windshield: two options (high windshields with door or low double windshields)

  • Windshield: 5 mm acrylic

  • Body: Welded

  • Double and side console options

  • Rear casting deck foldable as a sofa (Pro)

  • Solid handrails attached to the consoles

*The speeds shown are indicative and reached under test conditions. The prices shown are recommended retail prices and include VAT 24 %. Apaji Boats Ltd reserves the right to change the pricing and product information. The pricing is valid from 01.10.2018.

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