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Apaji Boats - Features

Made in Finland – designed for the conditions of the Baltic.


The design of all the Apaji Boats is built around the same key points. The features listed here are the

reasons we confidently claim that the boats are among the best on the market.

Self-draining hull structure

Don't worry about your boat. Just leave it at the dock to wait for the next trip. All the Apaji Boats are designed to have self-draining hull structure meaning tat the boat will always be free of rain water.


This means that you can stop worrying about automatic bilge mums or other gadgets and concentrate on enjoying care-free leisure time!


Turnkey delivery!

We listen to the wishes of our customers and always deliver the boats ready for use. Our own factory with qualified installers combined with the knowledge of Ruoto Mega Stores staff equals the best result! You'll find all the accessories you need whether it's a rod holder or a trolling motor. And most importantly - with the best prices on the market!

The brands we represent: Humminbird, Lowrance, Garmin, Minn Kota & MotorGuide


Bottom angle and soft driving experience

Apaji Boats have a 19-degree bottom angle. Combined with the foam floats and the sturdy hull structure, this makes the boats extremely quiet and enjoyable to drive.


Apaji Boats are designed to work regardless of the weather and the gas-suspended benches make sure that the ride is comfortable even with the biggest waves.


Width and stability

All the Apaji Boats are clearly wider than the competitors in their vicinities. In fact, a whole lot of wider. Due to the width, the boats have more stability which is highly appreciated while fishing and naturally - more space. The spaciousness make the boats also excellent for all-purpose use and you're able to fit in the gear even for a week at the lake house.


Explore the more detailed information on the model pages.


Welded body & thick aluminum

Not a single staple, ply part or any other makeshift solution. All the Apaji Boats are welded and made in Finland from start to finish. These boats are made to last from father to son and this is why we've chosen sturdier materials.

The bottom of the boats are made out of 4 mm aluminum and the sides out of 3 mm aluminum so the boats are welded from sturdy materials and will not sink from the first knock! The thicker aluminum is also easier to repair in the case of damage from for example hitting a rock.



Carpeting is yet a rather unknown feature in Finnish boats. If compared to boats from the USA however, it's been customary for a number of years. And no wonder - it's very beneficial to have certain parts of the boat carpeted. The carpet is never too hot or cold and it's never too slippery while wet or iced. Furthermore it's very practical; holds up to weather and is easy to keep clean. It's also quiet so you will not scare the fish away from the surroundings!


Consoles and handrails 

The consoles of the Apaji Boats are produced using rotation molding and high quality materials. The thickness of the material is 6 mm so the sturdiness of the structure is ensured. The consoles are designed to be practical. The lockers on the top make sure that your valuables will not fall off while rain water still drifts down. Two different options available:

1. Traditional console with shaped indicator board

2. Flat console with more space for sonar/plotter


Electrics and the ease of installation

Apaji Boats are designed so that the installation of modern accessories would be as easy as possible. There are large pipes placed inside the hull structure for cabling and wiring all the way from the front to the rear. Battery boxes are placed in both front and rear of the boat. All the boats have a sturdy front triangle for the easy installation of a trolling motor. 


Warranty and years of experience

Each Apaji boat comes with a 5-year-warranty, Our factory staff members are skilled and well-experienced and no second-class solution will go through the process. The staff has years of experience in the field of manufacturing, metal processing, method design and uncompromising manufacturing. However, if some problems would ever come up they'd be handled effortlessly with our factory in Salo.

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